Applications are now open. The application deadline is 21 January 2022

Capacity Building

The primary goal of these programs is to train both physicians and scientists who will serve as leaders in genomic medicine in Bahrain, and who will help to catalyze the introduction of genetics and genomics into the clinical care of patients as capacity of the program continues to grow over time.

Our capacity programs in Bahrain include:

1.  Tailored Course- Analyzing WGS data for clinical diagnostics

2.  Tailored Course- Genetic Screening Programs

3.  Hands-on training rotation on analysis of NGS data for Bahraini scientists and physicians in Boston

4.  Hands-on training on Next Generation Sequencing for Bahraini technicians in Boston and Bahrain

5.  Tailored Course- Effective Scientific Writing in Medical Science

6.  Development of Curriculum for National Clinical Genetics Fellowship in Bahrain

7.  Development of Curriculum for National Program of Genetic Counseling in Bahrain